Godfrey Daniels
Godfrey Daniels


 Since 1999, the surprising and compelling Godfrey Daniels has delighted audiences throughout the United States and Europe.

With the naïveté of a child and the world-weariness of a philosopher, Godfrey evokes instant laughter in his viewers. 

The mere presence of Godfrey encompasses a panorama of moods from concern to embarrassment, curiosity to hilarity, and all of this without the utterance of a single word.

His props are minimal and his actions spare, but Godfrey captivates his fans with his subtle and whimsical sense of humor and uncanny appearance.

Playful, yet statuesque, this gentle giant inspires awe and captures hearts wherever he goes. 

His timeless and universal appeal set him apart from other iconic figures of the entertainment world. 

Godfrey Daniels is a favorite among audiences of all ages.


"The silent comedy was singularly the most charming part of the show"

"A Shel Silverstein poem brought to life"

                     Heather Thompson  -ATOD magazine


"this is one original and quite amusing clown"

                        Don Shirley   -LA Stage Times



"Godfrey Daniels—that simple, silent clown with the red balloon—is one of the most effortlessly charming things I've ever seen"

                                          Lindy West   -Letter to The Stranger 


"Godfrey, as a solo act, is now an exquisite bit of circus artistry"

                                 Michael Upchurch   -Seattle Times